National Taxi Service

Long Distance Taxis UK is the go-to service for customers looking for an affordable and reliable service to deliver them to their destination – wherever that may be in mainland Britain.

We are specialists in arranging travel that many independent UK taxi services turn down. Our focus is on delivering comfortable and affordable travel in vehicles maintained and driven to the highest standards. We go the extra mile for our clients, because we know our customers want a reliable service with a trustworthy operator who can deliver.

Our  long distance taxi service in the UK offers unsurpassed comfort to get you from A – B.

Tailored and personalised are our core values – so you can be assured of a quality service every step of the way. We have an extensive fleet and work with third-party taxi companies across the UK with whom we deliver the same great quality. No matter where you are going, we make sure your driver is prompt in a vehicle with a spotless safety record and excellent condition.

That’s the Long Distance Taxi guarantee.

Popular routes include:

London to Manchester, Birmingham to London,

London to Newcastle, Oxford to London, Leeds to London, London to Cambridge, Edinburgh to York,

York to London, London to Market Harborough, Nottingham to London

From and to all the UK’s major airports and ports, including Heathrow, Stansted Airport, Gatwick, Manchester, Dover and Folkestone.

And many more bespoke journeys.

Say goodbye to the hassle, stress, time-consuming administration and organisation of long journeys with Long Distance Taxi today.

You can save time and money by booking a direct long distance trip with us. Once you’ve booked, you will receive a receipt by email, if you are booking through a company, we can provide invoices with journeys broken down if required.

Why use Long Distance Taxis for your national taxi trip?

For many people, travelling can be a stressful experience. Negotiating public transport – buses, trams and trains – can be an expensive, inconvenient and uncomfortable experience for travellers.

If you are travelling with vulnerable people – particularly those with disabilities or limited mobility – it can be extremely difficult. Even more so if you need to travel with luggage. Trains are increasingly overcrowded and not always reliable. If you need to take a journey that involves multiple changes, a delay can mean you do not make it to your final destination on time.

Travelling by car is increasingly expensive, particularly if your end destination – such as an airport carpark or busy city centre - requires expensive parking charges. If you are travelling to central London for example, parking charges can be astronomical, often over £100 for a safe parking space for the day. Even just travelling through most of central London now requires your vehicle to have paid the congestion charge, owed for each day you are transiting through the city.

Long Distance Taxis offers a convenient, affordable and trustworthy service for all travellers. Our service brings you door-to-door so you can relax and enjoy the journey as soon as you are settled comfortably in our clean and safe vehicles. Our service is particularly requested by those starting their holidays, who are looking for a reliable and direct way to get to their accommodation, travel to or from the airport or looking to maximise their time by booking a taxi to travel to a tourism destination.

Our prices are significantly lower than standard taxi services, so you may end up saving money versus alternative transportation options.

Customer service

Excellent customer service is what sets Long Distance Taxis apart from many of our competitors. If you have any questions prior to, during, or after booking we will be happy to respond quickly.

We pride ourselves on open and up-to-date communication, so you will never be left waited and will receive confirmation and updates in a timely manner. Whether you prefer text or email updates, we can contact you in the way that suits you best.

Whether you are planning a visit to family or friends, need to attend an in-person meeting, or travel to a holiday home or hotel we can get you to your destination. We offer return and waiting services so you can be assured that you won’t be left waiting or stranded.

Our vehicles are air conditioned and spacious for maximum comfort. All our drivers have been fully vetted and hold up-to-date CRB checks.

How does Long Distance Taxis work?

You can pre-book your journey online or over the phone. All we need to know is when you wish to travel and your departure and arrival destinations.

We then offer you a bespoke quote that is guaranteed to be great value and often we can offer prices that are not available elsewhere. We prioritise the requirements of our customers’ individual needs. If you have specific needs, let us know when booking and we will be happy to oblige, often at no extra cost.

We work with a nationwide network of taxi and private chauffeured car services. Thanks to our buying power, we can negotiate some of the best available rates for your journeys.

Contact us today and find out why thousands of travellers are choosing Long Distance Taxis over other travel alternatives.

What health and safety measures does Long Distance Taxi Service UK  have in place?

Long Distance Taxis is passionate about customer safety above all. That is why we have implemented measures in partnership with our third-party service providers to ensure safety and sanitation is the highest priority.

We have always taken steps to ensure the cleanliness of our vehicles is of the highest standard, as we know that is what our customers deserve. In light of concern about public health and cleanliness, we ensure our drivers and vehicles are fully compliant with the latest guidance from the government and Public Health England.

This includes ensuring a thorough cleaning of the interior of our vehicles takes place after each journey. We use bleach-based disinfectant and anti-bacterial products to ensure our vehicles are sanitised.

The terms and conditions of using Long Distance Taxis apply to all bookings made by phone or online. Please click here for our full terms of use.

Interested in planning a journey?

Contact us today to speak to one of our taxi coordination team. Our friendly advisors are available over the phone, or we will reply to your message as soon as possible.