Driver Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Long Distance Taxis is the holder of the driver’s personal information. This policy describes our data privacy practices, including what type of information is gathered and how we safeguard your personal information. The term "us" or "we" refer to the owner of the Long Distance Taxis.

If you have questions or queries regarding the driver policy, please contact us at 019962467782 or by email at

1. Information we collect

Personal Information: This may include your name, email, phone number, login name and password, address, payment or banking information. We collect and process personal data for the purpose of connecting passengers with driver’s details. We use this information for billing purposes as well. If we have trouble, we will use this information to contact you. Please note that we will not use your personal information for anything other than what you have intended it for. Please be aware that if you prefer not to provide us with your Personal Information, because such information may be necessary for us to provide certain services, we may not be able to, or may choose not to, make such services available to you.

Information about vehicles: Driver’s license, profession, identity document and criminal convictions and offenses are processed to determine the compliance with the legal requirements and the suitability of pursuing a profession as a taxi driver.

Driver’s license, photo, profession and identity documents: As the driver's details are sent to the client after the job is accepted by the driver, we required driver’s photo, name and vehicle details for the passengers to identify driver and vehicle.

Working with Long Distance Taxis and other Taxi Companies: Drivers can work with Long Distance Taxis and other Taxi Companies at the same time. However, while drivers are working with Long Distance Taxis, they must not wear badges on their cars and have signs from other Taxi Companies.

Payment Information: To make sure Drivers get paid, we keep information about Drivers’ bank details.

2. The Purpose of Collecting Information

  • Connect client with drivers' details
  • Communicate with you, either directly or through email for marketing and promotional purposes
  • Personalize the Long Distance Taxi experience for you and your friends and contacts
  • Send your text messages and notifications of booking
  • Facilitate transactions and payments
  • Provide you with customer support
  • Prevent fraud and misunderstanding
  • Maintain trust and safety issues that may arise, including incidents, disputes between clients and Drivers.
  • Sending emails and text messages to drivers about the status of their application, activation email and document expiry.
  • Notifying Drivers about pricing and service updates
  • Calculating and emailing the total earnings that have to be paid or need to be paid to Long Distance Taxis or drivers.

3 How do we share the information we collect

Sharing between the client and driver: As prior mentioned, drivers see the pick-up location that the passenger has provided. The passenger sees a driver’s vehicle information and real-time location as the driver approaches the pick-up location. We do not share your phone number or other contact information with other users. If you report a lost or found item to us, we will seek to connect you with the relevant driver, including sharing actual contact information with your permission.

4. Legal basis

  • Personal data is processed for the performance of the contract concluded with the driver.
  • Personal data may be processed for the investigation and detection of fraudulent payments.
  • Data regarding the criminal convictions and offenses are processed for compliance with a legal obligation.

5. Restriction passenger’s personal data

You do not have any access to process the personal data of passengers without the permission of us. You may not contact any passenger or collect records or store the personal data provided by the passenger.

You must comply with the rules and conditions for the processing of personal data of passengers. If any violation is found or any of the personal data of passengers is misused, we may terminate your driver's account and claim damages from you.

6. Access and data management

  • Personal data, vehicle details, banking details can be viewed, edited and corrected in Long Distance Taxi Driver Portal.
  • Your personal data will be stored as long as you are an active driver's account.
  • If your account will be closed the personal data will be deleted if you wish to delete all the details from the database.
  • Data necessary for accounting purposes shall be stored for 6 years.
  • In the event of suspicions of any administration or criminal offence, fraud or false information, the data shall be stored till the time investigation is going on.
  • We respond to the request for deleting and transferring personal data submitted by an e-mail within a month and specifies the period of data deletion and transfer.

7. Changes To This Policy

We may change this Statement/ statement from time to time. If we make significant changes, we will notify you by email. We encourage you to periodically review this statement for the latest information on our privacy practices.